The Pego Thermal Power Plant is located around 150 km from Lisbon, in the left bank of Tagus river, in the parishes of Pego and Concavada, at about 8 km from the city of Abrantes.

ADDRESS: Estrada Nacional 118, km 142.1 Pego - Apartado 12, 2205-380 Pego - PORTUGAL

COORDINATES: 39.465869; -8.111611




NUMBER OF UNITS: 2 (314 MW/unit)

FUEL: Coal

The Pego Thermal Power Plant is the most modern coal power plant in operation in the Iberia Peninsula. It features two units, each equipped with a steam generator, one turbine-generator unit and a main transformer. Its main equipment are the boilers, coal mills, turbines, generators and the central control system. Achieved full commercial operation in October 1995.

The Units 1 and 2 of the power plant have identical design, each one with its own support infrastructure of cooling tower, feed water system and exhaust flue. The two units share the river water extraction and treatment plant, coal transportation system, some general common services and chimney stack.

A very important and significant investment was made in the framework of LCPD – Large Combustion Plant Directive (Directive 2001/80/EC) - to ensure minimum impact in what concerns the gaseous emissions from Pego Thermal Power Plant. Thus, in 2009, the units were retro-fitted with a flue gas desulphurisation system (FGD) and a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) – this last one was the first to be installed in Portugal. For particulate matter, an electrostatic precipitator control system with integrated rectifier system was installed.

Pegop is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Pego Thermal Power Plant.

CarboPego is responsible for supplying coal to the Pego Thermal Power Plant: purchase of the fuel in the international market and delivery in the power plant.